Enabling experimental features of Edge (Spartan) browser on Windows 10 Mobile. Changelog.

Edge expWith the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080, a new Microsoft Edge (Spartan) browser version has also landed. It brings the “experimental features” as the major change that needs to be enabled if you wish to experience them. Keep in mind these are experimental features and can cause some unexpected behavior in your browser.

How To:

The experimental features can be accessed and enabled by simply entering about:flags in your browser address bar. It will take you to the experimental features page as shown in above screenshots. From this page you can select what to enable or disable in newly offered features.

Microsoft Edge Changes:

Microsoft Edge is now the default browser though some apps may still open pages in Internet explorer depending on the settings

The experimental features include

  • faster page rendering
  • JavaScript support
  • Improved scrolling
  • HTML5 improvements
  • MsPointer support
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