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Elop’s AMA: Tackles the “Trojan” question. Says, transformed Nokia into a stronger company .

ElopStephen Elop, the ex-Nokia CEO and now the Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Devices Group has done AMA on (earlier Nokia) Conversations blog. He tackled some tough question posed by Nokia Fans on the first day of his new job. Read in the below screenshot how he replies to allegations of killing Symbian, Meego, Meltemi and the blame of being the “Trojan horse”.

Elop1Elop claims that due to his efforts Nokia has emerged as a stronger company with businesses like NSN, HERE and ATD. While the current Nokia stock price and investor sentiment may reflect what he said, when it comes to Nokia Fans’s reactions, not everything is weighed in terms of monetary gains. It is also true that Nokia Board of directors lost faith in “Windows Phone” strategy, but “Feature-packed Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft making the platform free for all now” sets one in thinking mode.

In reply to a question about Nokia name availability for future Lumia smartphones, he confirmed what I mentioned in my POV article. Nokia brand is licensed for Nokia mobile phones but not for smartphones and a new smartphone branding is already under consideration, as confirmed by Elop.

Read the full AMA here


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  • KT

    Why did Nokia release the Nokia X group of devices after the acquisition is announced. Why dint they release them in the year 2011 itself along with the lumia 800 n 900. How come he identified all of a sudden that microsoft services should also be available to others rather than only with Windows and windows phone OS’s. When android started to rule the world how come a decision is taken to develop an entirely new OS (leaving symbian n meego) hardly with any market share(7.5) and thought of competing with a market leader. I agree that WP is good but android is much better.

    The thought that Nokia is now Microsoft Mobile Oy still hurts me a little. 🙁

  • haki

    what can i say to that all??
    first of all i believed in meego it was far the beautifulest OS out there that really could compete with android because how much you could personalize and change but also easy to use, good apps and multitasking like iphone. Sooo what MeeGo wasnt an Os that could beat Wp?? Never ever it defenitely could!! I bought an meego 64gb for 700€!! and i was amazed how amazing this phone was but soon i realized nokia will stop meego os so i bought me an lumia 800 and it looked almost the same and the Os looked goot BUT it only looks good when you look at the start screen when you start to use it it is boring complicated and the apps arent good designed like iphone apps.
    for me nokia died because they killed an amazing unique OS and changed it to an os like WP where i dont see nokias DNA it was just an easy decision made so elop could show results but now 3years later everyone can admit that wp is sooooo slow in developing new features!!!!!! nokias market share doesnt get better and nokia sold it to microsoft.. Was Elop a trojaner ?? Maybe not but from the beginning he choose the easiest way for him just go to microsoft on knees and “nokia” will survive.
    i would rather buy a nokia x than a windows phone nowadays because wp is like the enemy of user friendly!!!!!!!!

  • Stronger! Wouldn’t it be even stronger if it had HERE, NSN, Advanced Tech and Mobiles as well? All he did was to separate Nokia’s other working areas from the Mobiles so that it can be sold. Else it required MS to purchase the whole of Nokia, to which they were not willing! BYE TROJAN 😛