Gameloft has released many popular game titles, one that all the windows phone fans know is Asphalt 8, a racing experience that is action packed and fast paced.  Just recently Gameloft sent another title to the WP8 platform Dungeon Hunter 4.

When you start the game you will pick a male or female character, then pick 1 of 4 character classes, each offers their own specific features.  As you make through the game you will begin upgrading your characters armor and skills.

Dungeon Hunter 4 offers an “epic storyline” where you will roam different territories, take down enemies, and gather resources for your character as you make your way through this vast RPG game.

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The game also offers Co-op play in different areas, and you can also go head to head with others in a player versus player mode to truly see who is the best.  And I am going to go ahead and apologize in advance if I end up going head to head with any of you out there, because I will win.

Click HERE to download, and good luck out there.