dropboxDropbox has received a new update for Windows Phone devices. The new version is 2.2. The latest update are major one which brings few nice new features and improvements, including video streaming and more.

Dropbox Changelog:

• Recents tab: Goodbye, static file list. The new home view is a list of all the files you’ve used recently — anything you’ve viewed, uploaded, renamed, or edited, on that device or on dropbox.com. The files you’re most likely to need on the go will always be front and center.
• Invitations: You can get extra space by inviting your friends to try out Dropbox. If a friend uses your invitation to sign up for an account, installs the Dropbox desktop app on a computer, and signs in to the app, both of you will receive bonus space.
• Video streaming: no need to download your video files to watch it, save time and bandwidth
• Save web links to your Dropbox
• Open internet shortcuts
• Add a text viewer
• New option for favorites: view in parent folder
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

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