At MWC 2012, Dolby and Nokia announced a partnership with movie service Voddler as the world’s first ever mobile service delivering Dolby Digital Plus. Dolby also announced Dolby Digital Plus in more devices, including the Nokia PureView 808 and the Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and Nokia 603. While 808 pureview will have it as native feature, other devices have got it as Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 update.

Also great to know that, these devices not only decode Dolby Digital Plus, they add Dolby Headphone technology to give you an amazing surround sound experience. At the moment Nokia supports 5.1 channel surround sound, but is working with Dolby to increase that even further. For realising the difference between  normal stereo sound and Dolby surround sound, you need to press the Dolby button on your Nokia screen.

Nokia PureView 808

Using Dolby Digital Plus on your Nokia has other features  too,

  • It is most commonly used to deliver surround sound, it can equally be used deliver mono and stereo, and it performs extremely well at low bandwidth, with no buffering problems.
  • Dolby Headphone technology has got nothing to do with the headphones you’re using, the technology is on the chip, at the heart of the device, and will give you the best experience, whatever stereo headphones you are using.