Refer to our last article where we covered first video teaser of “Pure view” aka upcoming N8 successor/808 pure view by Nokia.

There we have mentioned the keywords from the video. Now time to do some maths to find some meaningful inference out of the keywords,

Pure detail:

As rumors have it N8 successor might be coming with largest sensor ever seen on a smart phone. Huge Mega-pixel jump expected.

Pure depth:

Optical zoom or some new tech true digital zoom may be on the cards. The video features smooth zooming in without any loss in quality. So expect something on those lines.

Pure definition:

As Nokia’s imaging Guru Damian dining said to somebody on twitter that when Nokia will do 1080 recording they will do like no other. So pure definition might mean True High definition (1080P) is coming.

Get ready to capture a Pure View :) :

 Seems to be new branding for Nokia devices having very high quality cameras. Might come to other Apollo devices other than N8 successor aka 808 pure view.

27th Feb 2012, MWC:

This is what everyone is looking up to. Again waiting eagerly like everyone else 🙂