apps.54994.13510798883013064.e82cc057-a6f7-40e5-af9e-5720fc23b2a6.a144a590-d77e-4613-a55d-89fc02f98392The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as  myAppFree app of the day is Display. This is your personal billboard which makes use of your phone’s large screen to show messages.

 Display Features:

• Straight-forward and simple UI • Lightening fast start-up • Cortana integration • Infinite text scrolling • Tap on text to pause • Change size, style & color of text • Supports all keyboard languages and emoticons • Select from 9 different font faces • Background sound effects • Display current time • Save unlimited number of texts • Pin saved texts to start screen for instant viewing • Live tiles with all three sizes

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