The Nokia 8110 was a high-end 8000 series of phones which gained popularity due to its unique design and got a famous nickname – ‘banana phone’. The banana phone a few months back at the Mobile World Congress¬†made a comeback. HMD Global now has the Nokia 8110 and now you can grab it one for yourself absolutely for free.¬†

HMD Global will be offering 15 Nokia 8110. All you need to do is to answer some easy question regarding the phone, for example, you need to know what’s the nickname of the phone which I’m sure by now you already know. After answering all the questions you need to fill up some details like your name, contact number, and the address for communication.

While many of you are excited and can’t wait to win one, the bad news is – the lucky draw is exclusive to the Great Britain which means people from England, Wales and Scotland can participate only. You can know more about the Nokia 8110 4G by clicking here.

You can participate in the lucky draw by clicking here.