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Dance Zumba lets you take your Zumba Fitness with you where ever you go.  Zumba brings LMFAO, Pitbull, Tiesto, Kat Deluna, and Sean Paul plus Zumba original tracks right to your windows phone.


The Zumba dance game helps you stay on track by keeping up with calories burned, goals met, and technique improvements as you go.  When buying Zumba Dance your initial purchase includes a 20-minute work out, but Zumba offers you the ability to purchases 3 pre-programmed 60 minute works or you can create your own playlist from previous purchases.d65e4f17-d4e7-4c8e-9ded-e3dceba2c972

Zumba would be a great purchase for women, I really do not want to picture men doing the Zumba dances, lets leave app like these to the women.  Well Click HERE if you want to get your dance work out on, and remember to always stretch.

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