It sometimes makes me wonder, how number of CPU cores have been marketed and made so much penetrate into customer’s mind. Especially in case of Android every new flagship model comes with no. of cores increased from the last. So when it was the case of 1080 or full HD video recording then it was  difficult to imagine a phone doing it with single core of CPU as in 808 pureview.

When GSMarena put the same question to Damian Dinning, he revealed that Nokia has put a companion chip in camera of 808 pureview which takes some load away from GPU and that’s why it can handle one billion pixels per second .

So that means Symbian’s efficiency + (GPU + Companion chip) has made it possible to do such  pixel handling on Single CPU core .

Also Damian reveals that “808 pureview is really the N8 successor” as it was kept in mind while developing this phone with Symbian that N8 owners would like to replace their phones.

Also he says, “PureView is a combination of high performance optics, high performance sensor, and Nokia image processing algorithms. What we will do in the future, is you will see multiple combinations of those in different products. The 808 represents one direction that we want to explore in terms of our imaging offerings. We believe that there are other ways that we can exploit these offerings, but that’s all I can say at this time.”

So expect many more awesome camera phones to come.