The verge and Wpcentral got a chance to play with the hot favourite Cyan Lumia 920 during AT&T’s event and both confirm that Lumia 920 in Cyan and Black have Matt Finish and not Glossy which may were fearing. Actually Lumia 920 looks great in Yellow, White and Red too, but there are many takers of Matt Cyan and Black colors for Lumia 920.

Here is a hands-on video of Cyan Lumia 920 by WPcentral. They also are more impressed with Lumia 920’s design than Lumia 900’s and found it more comfortable to hold.

The Lumia 920 did not at all feel too big or heavy. In fact, we barely noticed it. Our conclusion is that a lot of the concern over the size of the phone is completely unwarranted. In fact, with the smooth roundness of the back and the curved screen, we like it better than the current 900 design, which feels blocky by comparison.


If you want to see more eye-catching pictures of Cyan Lumia 920, click here to go to The Verge’s full Gallery. In fact Cyan Lumia 920 looks truly gorgeous in these shots :).