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Cut the Box – A great Physics based game to kill time

cut the box wp

Cut the Box is a decent game for all those Lumia users who want to kill some of their spare time. It might not be as good and adventurous as Cut the Rope, but having played this game on both Asha and Android phones, I’m excited to see it on the WP Store.

The game is based on the laws of physics and provides a nice gameplay with over 90 levels of adventure and the difficulty of boxes rising as the user progresses through the levels. All you need to do is to drop the red colored boxes off to the floor by cutting them or by taking use of the other boxes. You get around 3-4 cuts for completing each level, but if you want to get 3 stars, you gotta finish the level with 2 cuts or lesser (for most of the levels).

cut the box wp

Another thing I’d like to mention is that Twist Mobile is one of the few good developers from India and their quality of games is really good. Need to wait for Twist to bring more similar games to WP.

Head to the WP Store here to download the game on your Nokia Lumia.

Narender Singh
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