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Cortana coming within weeks to UK & China. Cortana on iOS & Android mere thoughts for future


CortanaMarcus Ash is “Group Program Manager for Cortana on Windows Phone“. He has been in news recently with his comments about “Cortana on iOS and Android” getting over-hyped by many blogs, followed by hyper-reaction of ardent fans, finally leading him to clarifying the whole thing in a series of tweets.

So, Marcus has clarified that Cortana on iOS and Android is just an idea / thought for future. The top priority is making Cortana awesome feature of Windows Phone. He has also  revealed that post windows phone, Cortana on Windows becomes the priority.

He also mentions that best Cortana experience is reserved for Windows / Windows phone devices in future,


Well, this was an avoidable controversy! Microsoft’s past acts of bringing new features of most of its popular service apps on iOS and Android before Windows Phone may have fueled this fire.

Anyways, some good news shared by Marcus. China and UK will get Cortana in matter of weeks than Months.


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