So you have got 808 PureView in your hand. Now let us help you with some ready tips and tricks so that you can get more out of 808 PureView’s monster cam and from the device overall.

There is always a difference of opinion between photo enthusiasts and masses when it comes to things like color reproduction and saturation of images. While natural looking images are wowed by tech and photo enthusiasts and even masses, but if you leave it to the opinion of normal smartphone users they would prefer to have bit of vibrancy or color saturation in the images which makes the subject look good. N8 won many fans including pro camera users because of its ability to capture the subject in its most natural looking shots.

Now Nokia’s Imaging Guru Damian Dinning has revealed 808 pureview’s unique ability to capture images in both ways, Natural as well as more vibrant. In this way 808 pureview can appeal to both camera enthusiasts and common users at the same time. For natural looking images you need to use creative mode while in Auto and Scene modes it will give you more vibrant or saturated colors.

About Burst mode and HDR:

We got the full user manual from FCC listing of 808 pureview. Now going through the manual throws many very interesting tidbits. We are presenting few of them in form of screenshots below and also attaching the User manual (PDF) link at the bottom of the article in case you are interested to read more.