Clove is the only major UK retailer that opened pre-order for Nokia 3, 5 and 3310 revealing prices in the process. But if you check now, you can’t pre-order anymore and can only use “notify me when this becomes available”. So, to clarify what exactly made Clove stop taking pre-orders, we reached to Clove Sales team.

As per the communication from Clove sales team, pre-orders attracted very high demand. But since HMD team deemed openings of pre-orders too early, they asked to remove it. But as per Clove sales team, pre-orders may be back as soon as by this weekend. This may also indicate that HMD will announce some concrete dates soon.

Thank you for the email.

We understand your concerns about the pre-order option having been removed from our website.

Demand has been very high, but please check back in a few days and you will be able to pre-order again.

Actually it is mostly a marketing issue РHMD / Nokia UK were concerned we had advertised the products for pre-order too early. We have spoken to them this week and  agreed to remove the pre-order options for now. They will likely return at the weekend.

The dates listed on our product pages are as accurate as can be. It would seem all of the range are due to launch through June. We await more exact dates.