Nokia Lumia family of smartphones was known for its unique selection of material, fabula design and lots of color options. HMD also used the Lumia-esque design for the Nokia 8 but recent Nokia smartphones have not exactly followed the Lumia design philosophy because of increasing focus on design details like minimizing bezels and maximizing display.

Now, a designer has posted a Lumia concept that includes full-display and minimum bezel design. The material used for body is polycarbonate and with a dual-camera setup it is targeted at mid-range.

As per the creator of this concept,

The style is more inclined to the Lumia series, ceramic and plastic combination shell, the body is straight with curved screen, rear dual camera, positioning the mid-end market

You can check more images from this concept by clicking here. With the unique design credentails of the Lumia range and the color options that it enables it will be great if HMD brings it for the next Nokia 6.3 or 7.3.