In this noob-friendly tutorial we will cover a very simple topic. How to change name of your device running Windows 10 Mobile and how to do hard reset. If you change the name the device will appear with changed name in Bluetooth connections too. Microsoft has made it easy on Windows 10 Mobile.

Navigate to Settings–>System–>About–>Edit Name. Now you can change the name to whatever you want to.

Bluetooth name Windows 10 Mobile

You can also scroll down on this “About” page and reset your phone by tapping on “Reset your Phone”. Remember this will delete all the data on your device and will return it to Factory Settings.

You should take a backup of your content before proceeding, click here for our backup tutorial.

How to Backup & Reset Video Tutorial:

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I know, many of you may know it very well, but there are users who are relatively new or completely new to Windows Phone and they tend to ask. In fact, I have just finished answering one of these queries.

Changing Name of your Windows Phone:

Phone nameI don’t know, which one you will find easier, but you can do it in two easy ways.

1) You have to any way install “Windows Phone app for desktop” for syncing content from your Windows Phone to your PC, so go ahead and install it from here. Now, once installed launch it on your PC, connect the phone via USB to PC. Once, it gets connected, you can go to settings of “Windows Phone app for desktop” and change name of your phone as desired.


2) Just connect your phone to the PC. Go to My Computer——> and right click on your device shown under portable devices——-> Chose rename from the menu——–> and give a name to your phone and done.Phone name 2

Hard Reset your Windows Phone to completely erase personal data:

Go to Settings——>About——–>and you can see Reset your Phone option. You should take a backup of your content before proceeding, click here for our backup tutorial.

Reset wpOnce you have done it, the phone completely erases all personal data and goes back to its Factory settings. Hard reset re-writes the OS + Firmware image completely, hence if you have got some OS or firmware update in between, it will return to factory settings of latest OS and Firmware. It can erase any data saved on MicroSD card too, if you so desire.

Reset warning on Windows Phone image

In case your phone is not responding and you can’t go to Settings, then you can hard reset you phone by following this,

  1. Press and hold the Volume down  and Power  buttons at the same time until you feel a vibration (about 10–15 seconds).

  2. When you feel the vibration, immediately press and hold the Volume down  button until you see a large exclamation mark.

  3. Once the exclamation mark appears, press the following four buttons in this order: Volume up , Volume down , Power , Volume down. Your phone should now reset and restart itself. (It might take a while for the reset to finish.)

Else, in case you use a Lumia or other Windows Phone device and your phone has become unresponsive, you can use Windows Device  Software recovery tool.