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Catch is an easy puzzle game that you play using just your finger.  You link the stars with the same color to each other without disrupting the other links to connect the other stars.  If the links cross each other it will not work.  5b052e0a-9ae7-4581-bb3b-1299c4b11fa0

The game stars at level one where you have two different colored stars, but the more levels you go through the harder each level gets.  There can be up to 6 different colored stars in one level.

Catch has a total of 160 levels, the first 40 are free.  You access the next 120 levels by buying them in packs of 60.  The master pack which contains hard levels and the elite pack which contains the hardest levels.

Everyone can play catch because they also have included a color blind mode.  Where each star will include the first letter of each color so you know which ones to link together.


Catch is a fun, easy to learn, addictive puzzle game.  Anyone would enjoy this game. Click HERE to download.  Happy Catching.

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