Dialaphone.co.uk has done a shootout of 12 MP cameras of Nokia N8 and Sony Xperia S, and declared Xperia S the winner. Now I don’t have an issue with Sony catching up with imaging king N8 after almost 2 years of N8 release in the market.The problem I have is with the way shootout has been conducted and the erroneous conclusion drawn out of it. For what I am trying to suggest first check the video and sample images for the comparison.


Sony Xperia S – Snapshot Sample

Nokia N8 – Snapshot Sample
Nokia N8 – Landscape Sample
Sony Xperia S – Landscape Sample
Sony Xperia S – Macro Sample
Nokia N8 – Macro Sample

The problems that I have with this shootout are many and let me put it one by one,

  • The reviewer has put all the emphasis on describing how fast Xperia S can take photos and how good is the UI. The funny thing is that N8 used for comparison is not even on Symbian Anna, it seems like running PR1.2. Holy crap. Is the reviewer even aware of Belle update. Seems he was only interested in putting N8’s capturing speed and UI down.
  • When you will compare snapshots by both cameras, N8 is simply far better in sharpness and capturing details. Please check the images for yourself. Even for untrained eyes it is not that difficult to differentiate. Here also while comparing these pictures reviewer has emphasize more on super – fast capture  and UI of Sony phone than the image quality.May be an alibi to defend inferior Xperia imaging. Then again we will dare to use Belle running N8.
  • Even the reviewer is compelled to accept the strength of N8’s camera in Landscape mode. Here also N8’s camera beats the Sony Xperia’s  camera hands down. Again color tone, border degradation, depth of details wise N8’s image is superior. See even the reviewer seems impressed at heart,

But it is accepted When composing more considered shots – such as landscape photography – the N8 is really able to show its strengths. The Carl Zeiss optics system ensures a sense of realism within the image and optical performance is outstanding, with nois  border degradation and impressive resolved detail. Our test images produced strong results, particularly in cloud detail, where the depth of tone was clearly evident.Both handsets excel when putting together landscape images, with each playing on their respective strengths of high quality optics and a top-end sensor in order to create photographs with clarity and depth. The larger 4.3-inch screen of the Xperia is of some benefit here; the N8’s 3.5-inch display meaning composition is slightly more difficult. However, this is a small gripe and we see it is a dead heat between the handsets in this department.

    • Now coming to last leg of the comparison which is macro shots, the N8’s image seems largely out of focus and also in the video we can see that macro mode is not on while taking the picture. Also some kind of shaking of hands while capturing the image. Hence the macro mode image comparison is not correct at all.
      • Also where is the low light and night-time pictures comparison. N8’s extra-large sensor and Xenon flash has crushed many heads in the past.
      • Video capturing comparison might have also helped. Excluding video capturing comparison and low light and night-time imaging comparison is simply ignoring half of the camera’s skills.

      Hence at last we can only say this, Oh N8 thou art still the King.

      But come MWC, we will see N8 giving away its throne happily to its successor (808 Pure view / 803). Till then none can challenge the king.

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