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Surprisingly, we have not seen many imaging comparisons of Lumia 1520 with other flagships, while there are tons made for Lumia 1020 and other Lumia flagships. Though, the reason may be limited availability of the device but still there were many for Lumia 1020 shortly after its launch.

So, with that background you would certainly like the video which we are bringing to you today in weekend watch. This video has been made by YouTube channel TechCloud and we are very impressed with the way reviewer has approached this imaging comparison between the two 20 MP smartphone cameras of Lumia 1520 and Sony Xperia Z1. What adds to the quality of this comparison is the use of Canon 6D as the reference camera.

Lumia 1520 vs Xperia Z1 vs Canon 6D.1Reviewer finds that Lumia 1520 takes sharper images than Sony Xperia Z1 with more details and this difference is more emphasized in indoors and low-light conditions. In daylight, Xperia Z1 overexposes and gives poor contrast in images. Color reproduction wise Lumia 1520 is better and closer to canon 6D in most of the cases. In video comparison daylight video are better with Lumia 1520, while Xperia Z1 captures brighter video during night. Check some of the comparison screenshots above and watch the video below.

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