lumia 830 displayGood news for Lumia 830 prospective buyers in India! The device which is officially priced Rs 28799 can now be bought for a price of Rs 25323 from eBay. Lumia 830 is certainly a very impressive mid-ranger with excellent camera, great design and very good display. You can read our Lumia 830 preview here and our comprehensive camera comparison with Lumia 925 by clicking here, here and here.

Lumia 830 link

Lumia 730 remains sold out across nearly all major retailers. Flipkart, Snapdeal, Indiatimes, Nokia Shop all list it as sold out. Now, this shows good demand for the device in India, but at the same time, it shows that the demand for Lumia 730 has not been correctly judged, which is certainly not a great news.

Anyways, here is a less-known retailer, that still has lumia 730 in stock, that too for just Rs 14,499. Before making the purchase, you may like to read our Lumia 730 first impressions review and have a look at the rear and front camera samples.

Lumia 730 link