Build 10536.1004.3

Build 10536.1004.2

So, here we are with our first impressions and coverage of some changes not covered in the official changelog of the latest Windows 10 Mobile preview build, Build 10536.1004. The build that arrived after a long waiting time brings some minor changes, lots of bug fixes and performance improvements. Even some apps have been updated post the update and Photos app especially has many changes to show off.

Build 10536.1004 changes (not in official changelog):

  • USB EEM on / off toggle in developer options
  • Some changes in Start personalization settings. You now have option to choose the background image from “My Picture / Sample Pictures”. Also the Background style settings viz “Tile style / Full Screen picture” is a separate option now.
  • Provisioning is back in Accounts settings
  • Mobile & Sim options page has many settings changes
  • Highest HTML5 score of 439/555 for the latest Microsoft Edge.
  • Photos app have seen a major update. Folders is back. Context sensitive menu appears on pressing and holding any photo. Even the bottom menu has undergone some changes. Check the screenshots below.

build 10536.1004.4

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536.1004 first impressions:

  • Very Stable build. Hasn’t crashed on my Lumias yet.
  • Performance wise it is promising. Compared to the last Build 10512, it feels more polished and faster.
  • Animations look nice
  • Mobile Hotspot works fine on all the devices.
  • Blinking “Quiet Hours” in Action Center is gone
  • Lock Screen bug is also fixed
  • WiFi connection remains rock solid
  • Mail works fine. Messaging app exist in our case after upgrade and works fine

In a nutshell, Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536.1004 looks promising so far but it is based on our first encounter with the Build. We will share our detailed hands-on review after playing with the build for some days.