Brain PuzzleZariba games has some popular Windows Phone titles like “Ladybug Run” and “Running with Santa” to their credit. Now they bring a brain teaser puzzle game “Brain Puzzle Easter” to Windows Phone store to add to your Easter fun. It is free to play. Check the details below and click on the link below to install it.

Brain Puzzle details:

Enjoy the most challenging and diverse brain Puzzle Bundle ever made! Give your brain a fun and incredibly addictive workout that will put your logic, memory and reflexes to the test. This incredibly

engaging puzzle bundle is designed to strengthen your mind and improve your brain performance in a fun and engaging way, through a series of diverse mini challenges and brain teasers.

Join the Easter fun and start the Egg Hunt! All kids love it!
The fun and colorful graphics and gameplay engage kids of all ages in an unique way that facilitates learning and makes it a fun and enjoyable experience. Want your toddler to improve his attention, train

his memory or develop better sequential thinking and logic? Then Brain Puzzle is the right tool!
Give this brain teaser challenge a try and we can guarantee that you will fall in love with the rich selection of diverse logic puzzles and fresh mini games, that will keep your mind sharp and snappy!

How to play:
You start with only two unlocked puzzles.
The faster you solve them, the more stars you get.
Earn at least one star per puzzle to unlock the next one.
Sounds easy? Get playing and tell us how ‘easy’ it is!

Install link