BLU Win HDSome days ago we reported that Yezz has confirmed Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for all its devices. But now it seems that BLU Billy 4 will not get Windows 10 Mobile. Culprit here is said to be the 4 GB on-board storage on Billy 4.

This once again raises questions about Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for devices like Lumia 530 too. We tackled this question earlier as “8 GB internal storage requirement” was seen on “Windows 10 coming soon pages“. Later we shared an official hardware requirement info that says, “Windows 10 Mobile devices with 4 GB storage can upgrade, but require SD card slot”, provided OEM “must include sufficient free space in the system and user partitions for future updates of OEM-owned components”. Seems, Yezz hasn’t managed partitions well on Billy 4.

In a better news, BLU has confirmed Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for its Win HD smartphone.

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