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Big win for NSN: Sprint deal for large-scale LTE network roll-out in US.

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NSN is on a roll here!! Just one day back we reported two contract wins and now it has scored a big one in form of Sprint deal for large-scale TDD LTE roll-out. This is significant not only because of size and advancement of technology deployment, but also due to the fact that US is considered to be a laggard market for NSN and it may be gaining some ground here. NSN will also provide professional services to Sprint, an area where they have done much better lately. NSN has also demoed a down-link throughput of 1.3 Gbps at Sprint facility.

Nokia Solutions and Networks extends its relationship with Sprint through a new contract for the deployment of TDD LTE across its 2.5 GHz spectrum, which will increase its high-speed data capacity as part of Sprint’s large-scale U.S. roll-out. Today, NSN is proving its technology maturity and leadership with a demonstration of  1.3 Gbps downlink thoughput at Sprint’s center in Burlingame, California.

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  • Geeks

    Thanks for the news. I was searching the web to see who was going to supply TDD-LTE equipment to Sprint after their acquisition of Clearwire (former Bellewue WA teleco) .

    To be specific, Sprint acquired Clearwire in order to use their 2.5GHZ radio spectrum (the largest in the US). And this acquisition was actually orchestrated by SoftBank of Japan who took control of 78% of Spring Nextel and Sprint is now considered a foreign company in the US since it’s controlled by Japan. In the world, only China and Clearwire had chosen to use TDD-LTE. Other countries use other flavors of LTE and Softbank was craving for the US market control.

    What does that have to do with NSN? The US government conditioned the acquisition of Clearwire by Sprint/Softbank to a complete REMOVAL from Clearwire’s network of all telecommunication equipment that was bought from Huawei (chinese OEM) for $1Billion+ and a former US intelligence general had been given a seat on the board of the new Sprint CORP owned by Softbank. They have until 2015 to replace all equipment that Clearwire had on their network originating from Huawei. Softbank also wants to compete with ATT & Verizon by using the massive radio spectrum inherited from Clearwire/Sprint’s deal and that’s a HUGE new opportunity for teleco equipment OEMs.

    I should also mentioned that Huawei is suspected of espionage and that’s why the US asked Sprint/Softbank to replace their equipment and NOT to use anything components manufactured by them on the network expansion. That leaves only NSN, ALCATEL-LUCEN and Erickson as potential vendors to Sprint/Softbank gang.

    I was expecting NSN to win a deal from the above mentioned mergers but I didn’t know when that was going to happen. It’s now official!!!

    • Kamal

      Thanks for the wealth of information. I hardly knew that much :P.