Carla/Belle FP1 lite better known as “Belle Refresh” has been leaked on RDA. We have been tipped with screenshots of what looks like  a very recent version of Belle Refresh, in fact dated 28th July only and this firmware is available on a C7 in the RDA.

Let us have a quick look at the some of the changes that this “Software Update” is confirmed to bring.

Browser: The version is newer than what can be found on even 808 PureView (8.2). The version is .

Music Player: New version of Music player and two widgets make their way with this update.

New Widgets:

The image widget found only on 808 PureView make its way to 1st gen Belle devices. Other new widgets from Belle FP1 are also coming with Belle Refresh update and few of them like 2G/3G, Data tracker are very handy.