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Have you ever dreamed you were a big bee and your only worry in the world was to collect massive amounts of nectar, I know I have.  Well for those of you who are like me you can finally have your dream come true with Bee Leader, a game that has finally made its way to windows phone from android and iOS.


Bee Leader packs 16 different levels into 5 worlds, cool animations, and an awesome HD display.  The point of the game is simple, collect nectar and bring it back to the hive before the sun sets.  There are two different ways you can control your bee, under settings you can select the tilt method or the joy stick method, we found the joy stick method to be the best.  As you go on your nectar hunting adventure you can pick up little bee buddies along the way, the more buddies you have, the more nectar you collect, which means more honeys or points.  ece7f6ba-5823-405a-83f9-3b29e467bdeb

Bee Leader is a very simple game that would entertain an 8 year old for a long time.  Personally I was not a fan, not because of the gameplay just the game idea itself.  Overall it is very well made, with great graphics and animations through the whole game.  Bee Leader will leave a $1.49 whole in your pocket though.  Click HERE to download Bee Leader and happy honey hunting.

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