We don’t usually post concept images of devices but this one caught our eyes. The Lumia 940 concept looks so realistic!! It is a blend of Lumia 830’s back with curved edges and also merges fabula design elements of flagship Lumias very cleverly with a very slim design. Quite impressive work actually!!

Lumia 940 is supposed to come with a 5.2-inch 2K (Quad-HD) display, Hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor and will sport a slim metallic frame seen on devices like Lumia 830. Feast your eyes on the concept images below and do let us know if you want us to post these more frequently.


1512864_858153564233170_4551056609493001678_n 10394135_858153500899843_4438177838511883575_n 11209543_858153474233179_3982853890210440514_n  11403132_858153394233187_311107993826436977_n 11693958_858153577566502_8269778897081202007_n 11709841_858153417566518_5239317743409375928_nCatch more images here.

Thanks Vinu for the tip. Cheers!!