Popular space game Astro Knot is now available on KaiOS and unlike WhatsApp, the game is ready to be installed on Nokia 8110 4G a.k.a. banana phone. The space game first came into being back in 2016 on Gamezop.com.

The game is basically about an astronaut which is you in this case and you need to take your spaceship as high as possible while jumping along ledges in a constant vertical direction. To control the astronaut you need to tap in the direction you want him to jump.

This new take on a jumping game puts you in control of little Astro, a hero whose spaceship has crashed and needs your help returning to outer space. In this game, you keep Astro jumping to achieve the highest possible score. But be on the lookout for moving platforms and other surprises – it’s harder to reach the stars than you may think.

You can download the game by visiting KaiOS store from your Nokia 8110 4G. You can also click here to download the game.