Todd-1Microsoft has provided more details about the new unified Windows 10 store and now you can have a first look at how it appears on a Windows Phone device in the above image. The app numbers have also grown in both Windows and Windows Phones stores and now Microsoft claims a catalog of over 650,000 apps.

The new Windows Store will be the single place to acquire Windows apps, games and more. It will include the existing catalog of over 650,000 Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 7.x/8.x Store apps, which will automatically move to the new Store. And, we’re currently adding the Xbox Music and Xbox Video catalogs of over 40 million songs and over 400,000 movies and TV shows.   Beginning later this year, the Store will also include familiar and new PC games and desktop software, applications and utilities.

More numbers in the below screenshot.

App numberNow coming to what are Astoria and Islandwoods. These are code-names of the Android apps and iOS apps porting to Windows 10 store per the new app-gap fight strategy of Microsoft. Read more here.