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Asha devices’ huge success is making competition restless.



Asha devices have been huge success in India, so much so, that it seems low-end Android competition is now feeling threatened and restless as it is cutting down on their cheap low-end smartphone share as well. The great thing is that this success is now identified by India’s mass media. Today, we came across this article in “Economic times” which lists some envious rival companies blaming Nokia to wrongly mention Asha devices as smartphones :).

Nokia is making some noise in India’s booming smartphone market with its  Asha series, but most of its rivals and some experts say the Finnish major is wrong in positioning the  touch phone series as smartphones.

Though, Nokia has quoted the fact to support that Asha was labelled smartphone by IDC and Gfk.

A Nokia spokesperson, however, says marketer researchers GfK and  IDC classified Asha touch devices as full smartphones in their third quarter reports.

Point is smartphone or no smartphone, Asha devices are excellent low-end smart devices with more features and better UI than the so-called smartphone alternatives, mainly Android. They have much better designs and Nokia’s quality makes them a big winner. Top that with “value for money” they provide and competition will keep whining and losing market share ;).


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