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So, Nokia India just sent us a white Asha 501 for review purposes and this time it will be with us for longer. So, what to do when you get a  new device? Click many photos of it using 808 PureView and then take the camera for a quick run 🙂 So, below you can find many images and videos captured with Asha 501 camera in both daylight, low-light conditions. While stills quality is really good for the 3 MP camera of Asha 501 , worth mention is its low-light imaging without flash (It doesn’t have one). These come really good and looks like the post-processing algorithms are lifted from Lumia 720/920.20130720-001 20130720-005 20130720-007 20130722-001 20130722-006 20130722-009 20130722-010l[embedit snippet=”madsl”] 20130722-012 20130722-014 20130722-015 20130722-016 20130722-017 20130722-018

Coming to videos, it can capture max 240p videos. But still it performs well for quick video capture and share and again in low-light impresses a bit.


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