appdate12 Lots of apps and games updates here!!

Angry Birds Rio adds new episode,

Jump on a riverboat for a crazy cruise in the Blossom River episode – based on the new blockbuster movie sequel Rio 2!

NEW LEVELS! Play 20 beautiful new levels and discover 6 hidden bonus levels – all set along the incredible Blossom River!

NEW DRIFTING BOATS! Stop those pesky monkeys as your boat floats down the river!

Angry Birds Star Wars is updated with new rewards,

Get ready for a Galactic Giveaway! In this new update we’ve hidden 1000 coins across all the levels – go get ‘em!

CARBONITE REWARDS! Wait for the carbonite to melt to win a new character!

USE BIRDS ON THE BIRD SIDE LEVELS! Mix things up by playing as the birds or pigs on any Bird and Pork Side level!

Skype also gets updated with general fixes and improvements. It is not that new version of Skype though.

appdate13Nokia Treasure Tag and Native Windows Phone 8.1 video app has also been updated. Native Video app update brings the new universal app to store.

Angry Birds star wars

Angry Birds Rio

WP8.1 video app


Nokia Treasure Tag