AppRaisin app today scored a new update in Windows store. The latest update doesn’t pack with any new feature (as they recently stopped active development) but it includes some important bug fixes. Developers has fixed a bug where articles dates get incorrectly displayed. They also fixed crashing bug in app where it crashes while navigating between app pages. Below is full change log.

What’s new in latest update
• Sometimes article dates were incorrectly displayed.
• App sometimes crashed while navigating through windows.
• Article promotion didn’t show list of available promotions.

I really think that AppRaisin is good startup from AD duplex which really improves the attachment between the Windows users around the world. And with every single small-big news the users get updated through that. So it’s basically a good platform by which Windows users can interact with each other and share ideas about apps, games and other “Windows” things. So I think everyone should take advantage of it. So make sure that you hit following link to download the updated app and can join the big community of Windows users.
[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh5x358]