Popular app-discovery app AppRaisin has received a new update in Windows Store.With the latest update, AppRaisin brings Search, bug fixes and other improvements.

Now you’ll be able to search the latest news, which are available in Latest and Rising lists.
Search works through app name, news headline and description. It could be combined with any filter and used in both Rising and Latest lists.

Together comes a list of improvements and bug fixes from your feedbacks.

AppRaisin Changelog:

Full Change Log for AppRaisin v1.12.1

New features:
* Search the latest news by App/Game name, headline or description

* Mobile gets close button in top right corner to get quickly to main view after opening many spotlight items
* Headline field in Add News form gets back Word Flow keyboard and spellchecker

Bug Fixes:
* For apps no longer available in the store we were unable to load news history in App Info Card.
* There were issues with favorite and raising Spotlight items in App News details
* Some App icons were using different colors in main lists and Article Details pages
* Web card was showing ” Built for W10″ badge for all apps
* App was crashing after opening several Spotlight items in a row and then trying to open App Info Card (clicking on App Name or Icon)
* List of raised users form was crashing
* Mark all as read button wasn’t working properly in notification hub

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh5x358]