This reminds me of typical Apple tactics. They used it for the first time during “Antennagate”, where they tried to show that all the phones are having issues and not only the iPhone. Now, in response to widespread criticism the iPhone 5’s camera is receiving due to “Purple flare “ issue, they are offering same kind of lame explanation. Though here they are exercising a bit of restraint and just comparing the iPhone 5 with earlier generation of iPhones, but tech-media is trying to show as if all the smartphones have the issue.

Check their explanation of the issue here.

Now, we think only way to answer such ridiculous looking explanations is to show how other smartphones are not suffering from this issue. So, here goes. Check some of the pictures captured with my 808 PureView in bright sunlight and the compare them with the purpled iPhone 5 shots. Huge difference !!

Apple is due for one more apology, it seems. May be one more recommendation of using any Nokia “PureView Cameraphone” 😉 in case the user is not satisfied with iPhone 5 cam quality.