We have some pretty basic app updates in these edition of our app update roundup.  Bing sports, 6tag, and wechat all got some pretty simple updates in the last week or two.


Bing Sports:

The very popular bing sports application saw a nice addition in its last update.  The update brought the share option.  So when you are checking out a sports score or news article, and you want to sent it over to your buddy simply hit those three dots, and the bottom and tap that share botton, and boom! You can share it. To download Bing Sports click HERE.


The popular instagram client saw a new addition and some fixes in the new update.6b7eaad2-167e-4d07-b00e-e36efbf278cd

  • save instagram videos to your skydrive
  • bug fixes
  • fixed issues with uploading photos from your camera roll

As you see above the only “addition to the app was the saving video to your skydrive”, but the others will help your instagram experience more reliable.  To download 6tag click HERE.


WeChat saw some very important improvements in its recent update.d9e7df82-ad27-4218-aa9f-9d6c2af1e3c3

  • group capacity is up to 100 people
  • ability to forward more and one message at a time
  • press and hold on stickers to preview them
  • show not sent messages

These improvements on WeChat will definitely improve the overall experience of WeChat.  To download WeChat click  HERE.