We shared an exclusive tip via our sources with you about Microsoft preparing Surface Phone / Lumia Flagship aimed at early 2017 (Spring) and powered by yet to announced Snapdragon 830. Later leaks / rumors originating in China talked about three Surface Phone variants, their RAM / Internal Storage configurations and also confirmed Snapdragon 830 as the processor.

Now we have another reliable source confirming that Surface Phone will run on ARM processor. The report from ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley also mentions that we will see large-screens, enterprise-focused smartphones with Continuum for Phones features as their main USP.

“Surface Phone” also is currently still in Microsoft’s plans, my contacts say. The coming devices will be business-focused and ARM-based (not Intel). However Microsoft positions them, these devices won’t be meant to go head-to-head against consumer-centric phones from Apple and the Android contingent. Continuum will be a centerpiece of these large screen, mobile devices, allowing them to act like the brains of larger screen monitors/displays, when need be.

Many of Microsoft’s top executives including CEO Satya Nadella have confirmed Enterprise-focus and Continuum for Phones as the major category-defining features of upcoming Windows 10 Mobile High-end smartphones from Microsoft.

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