imagesCAWQM6C1It seems that Nokia may give a patent shock to both Google and HTC in US soon. At the ITC, Nokia has just defeated Google and HTC with respect to the claim construction (proper legal interpretation) of U.S. Patent No 5,884,190 on a “method for making a data transmission connection from a computer to a mobile communication network for transmission of analog and/or digital signals”.

According to FOSS patent, as a result, it appears very difficult for Google and HTC to deny infringement at the trial (which will start in two months’ time). Now only option for both Google and HTC is to prove this patent invalid which has been filed by Nokia decades back in 1995, otherwise it will be a blow to Android and Google as Nokia may sue other manufacturers including Samsung as well.

Following picture from the above decade old Nokia patent tells clearly that, “Tethering” was also Nokia’s innovation and not Google’s.

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