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Video of Tango(12140 Firmware) running Lumia 800 uploaded.Tethering confirmed :). Probable Changelog given.

Surya467 from xda-developer's forum has downloaded and flashed his Lumia 800 with the firmware version 1750.805.8773.12140 reported by us yesterday. This Tango/WP7.5 refresh firmware version became available for the very first time for Lumia 800 over the NaviFirm. Tango firmware versions were already available before for Lumia 710 and 800C. The good part is that Tethering/Internet sharing  is

Lumia 710 & 800 to get tethering finally with Tango firmware (WP7.5 refresh) update.Update for Lumia 710 available on Navifirm now for many countries.

If you remember we reported that Tango firmware update is available on NaviFirm for Lumia 710 and 800c. Now the update variants for Lumia 710 seems to be available for many more countries. Check the screenshot below. So the update release seems to be closer now. Also in one of very interesting revelations, 1600.3030.8773.12120 update's brief