Come next year, Android smartphone users in Europe would be able to choose a default search provider of their choice other than Google. This selection can be made while setting the new device for the first time.

This search provider will power search box on the home screen and will also be the default search engine for the Chrome browser, if installed. As one can imagine this step has been taken by Google to comply with the European Commission’s decision on Android.

Once the setup is complete users would, however, be able to change search providers again.

As always, people can continue to customize and personalize their devices at any time after set up. This includes selecting which apps to download, changing how apps are arranged on the screen, and switching the default search provider in apps like Google Chrome.

Google has also announced that search providers will need to apply to be the part of the choice-screen on Android. The new choice screen will be available for new Android smartphone users in early 2020.