Google is reportedly working to provide more controls to the smartphone carriers to lock down smartphones, as spotted on Gerrit source code management. Going forward, Smartphones coming with the Andriod Q will accept SIMs from the main carrier only, and this is basically a direct threat to those who love to switch carriers.

Google started off 2019 on a positive note with some cool new features coming to the Android Q, and one of them being the system-wide dark mode. While that got every Android fanatic excited, this is certainly bad news for the vast majority. Further digging into the code base management also revealed that smartphones that have dual SIM capabilities will receive the same treatment, meaning the carrier can lock down the second slot of your smartphone if you don’t insert the required SIM in the first slot.

However, this will, if at all comes to the next big release of Android, be a major issue only for consumers in countries like the USA, countries where carriers do not enjoy such privileges are obviously are an exception to this. But even if you are a USA resident you can always avoid such scenarios just by doing yourself a favor and not purchase any smartphones that are locked down by a carrier in the first place.

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