This is the fourth in the series of comparisons pitting Android N, the upcoming Android OS update from Google against Windows 10 Mobile Redstone aka Anniversary update, the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile update from Microsoft. Both Android N and Windows 10 Mobile Redstone are in the preview phase and nearing release status, Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update though will be released in July while Android N release is planned for sometime in Q3, 2016.

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In this video comparison, we compare Customization options, Voice-Assistants and finally the Apps Store on both the OSes.

  • Android has one unbeatable feature that allows the users to completely get a new UI layer just with change of launcher and other major platforms like iOS and Windows 10 Mobile don’t really offer such flexibility
  • Windows 10 Mobile however has one cool feature that is yet missing from Android and it is known as system-wide Dark Mode or Theme that gone missing from Android N after appearing on Developer Preview 2.
  • Wallpaper support wise too Android and Windows 10 Mobile really offer good options and one can change both LockScreen and HomeScreen Wallpapers on both
  • Voice-Assistant on both the platforms work really well and are quite efficient but Cortana, the Windows 10 Mobile is one with a personality, while Google Now is a very fast “search-assistant” that also offers information in form of Cards.
  • Coming to Store and apps availability, both Google Play and Windows Store apps have surprisingly similar kind of UI interface and options and one can also see similar apps in the top apps chart. While one can’t deny that Play Store is much bigger that Windows Store in terms of number of apps, Windows Store doesn’t look all Barren. You will generally find all the needed apps exiting with one or two exceptions like Snapchat.