One of the dreaded issues with updates are whether it is stable or whether it is filled with bugs that cripples the device performance. Because of this, many end users with no other back up device prefer to wait to see what the outcome is before upgrading their own device. The Nokia 8.3 5G was launched with Android 10 on board and while the general stability with that build was good, it still needed some improvements in the camera department. Unfortunately, the Android 11 update made the experience worse with random system crashes and camera app that hangs and fails to save the image taken.

In my previous video, I have shown how the update process was from Android 11 to Android 12 which in general was one of the seamless experience I have had and the early impression of this build was good. In todays article, I will be sharing more information about this update and why I feel that this update has brought a new life to the Nokia 8.3 5G.

The Update

As mentioned above, the Nokia 8.3 5G is the closest we get to a high end device by HMD Global. Unfortunately, I had to retire my device as the experience with Android 11 was simply unbearable. With the Android 12 however, things seem to be more exciting and I feel that HMD Global did justice to this device , making the Nokia 8.3 5G the best device in their portfolio now.

The Android 12 update introduced a couple of things under the hood, some are cosmetic upgrades and some are useful features. The cosmetic upgrades are welcomed with newer color pallete added, icons and text are large for easier readability and one handed execution, colors are soft to the eyes and vibrant.

The drop down notification menu has been revamped with larger ,easily accessible options and introduces some new exciting features.

One of the highlights with the Android 12 update is the super battery saver mode which is definitely a must have feature. I have experienced this in other devices where it kills all background processes and data , basically turning it to a “dumb phone”. But on Android 12, this features not only allow you to use call and text but also up to 3 apps to sync or connect to the internet. This is very important if your battery is down to a single digit and you are no where near to charge your device. Those always on the go would understand how important this feature is!

PureDisplay on Nokia devices are amazing. Colors are punchier and images or videos on display have better dynamic range. With the Android 12 update, the PureDisplay seems to be tweaked with slightly better color reproduction .You can even select individual apps to make use of the PureDisplay function unlike on other devices with this technology.

The Nokia 8.3 5G has a beautiful display capable of 4K HDR playback on YouTube as shown above making it one of the best devices to consume multimedia content.


The camera experience on Android 11 was poor with crashes and failure to save images. With Android 12, I have yet to experience any crashes but occasionally I still have images that are not saved, especially those taken with nightmode.

These are some samples from the primary 64MP and the unique 12MP ultrawide sample. Due to less optimal weather condition, I could not test them in detail in various scenarios for now. One of the issues with both this sensors are the processing algorithm , producing very different image output. The ones on the 64MP sensor produces dull but over sharpen image while those from the ultrawide sensor produces a more Lumia like color profile but not as sharp as you would want it to be. From my preliminary test as shown above, the differences in the color reproduction is still apparent but not as much as it was with Android 10 and 11. In terms of details, the images from the 64MP sensor is still grainy upon zooming in which is really baffling.

From the random shots above, you can appreciate the more natural color reproduction from the primary sensor. And another stand out feature here is the dynamic range which at a glance seems more balanced and it is definitely one of the best from a Nokia device in recent times. With that said, there will be a more objective assessment with the camera performance in due time when the situation is more optimal.


For now, the Android 12 update has breathe in a new life to Nokia 8.3 5G, making it the most powerful Nokia device running Android 12. This device is still on sale in select market at a reasonable price and ,for me, this is the best all rounder device with a Pureview setup.

In essence, this is the closest we get to a flagship experience from HMD Global for now. If you are curious on what’s next in their roadmap, then do check on my video, the hypothetical situation where we get the best of Android , Lumia and the venerable Nokia N9 here:

Here is my video on the Android 12 on Nokia 8.3 5G as compared to Nokia 8V running on Android 10.

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And to my amazing readers out there, thank you for your time.