Game Trooper has updated their popular title Age of Cavemen in Windows 10 Store. The new update brings a new and important feature called Tribe Boosts to the game. Read more about the update below, as shared by dev in their press release and install the game from App Box below.

Greetings Trooper,

We have news from the stone age, citizen. We can announce a new update with the new feature of Age of Cavemen, the Tribe Boosts.There is boosts that can power the strength of your clan, allowing it to become more defensive, more harmful or even make more efficient recoveries after fight.

You can win one of this Tribe Boosts winning fights, or donating meat. As more wins you get, better Tribe boost you win. Or you can donate a huge amount of meat and maybe you can get a Tribe Boost too.

This patch updates the game to the version number 1.7.0 and is available since 18/07/2016 on Windows Store. Also, you can find some general fixes in this update.

Some examples of Tribe Boosts:

  • Barricade: Give 10% to buildings HP.

  • Battle Cry: Gives 5% to units damage

  • Shaman Protection: 15% units are reincarnated from every fight.

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh4qzdc]