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After Indonesia, Nokia N1 gets certified in Russia too


nokia_n1_russiaNokia may be planning to bring Nokia N1 to more markets soon, it seems as more market certification are reported. We reported spotting Nokia N1 test samples in Indian import data and passing certifications in Indonesia. Now it seems Nokia N1 will arrive in Russia soon, as it has passed certification in Russia as well.

Nokia had promised that Nokia N1 would first arrive to Europe after its launch in China, but it seems there has been some change in plans for good and Nokia N1 may come to more Asian markets apart from Europe.

Nokia N1 has been a success in China and all of its batches were sold out in minutes. It also won the best Android Tablet award in China. Now it is also available in Taiwan with Google services on-board. But in spite of Nokia’s stated plans to bring it to more markets it has yet to arrive in any other market.

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