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Adduplex data: Highlights and trends!! Lumia 520 is the top dog. Lumia 620, 521, 928 rising too. Nokia’s domination grows.


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Highlights and trends identified from the Adduplex’s stats for WP devices captured on 10th July.

  • Lumia 520′s exponential rise continues worldwide. Lat month it was 5th most sold WP device and now it is the no. 1 device overtaking Lumia 920. It has grown from 20.8% to 31.3% in India and in UK from 3.4% to 12.4%. According to KWP, this has led to Nokia crossing 10% market share in UK. Read more, click here.
  • Lumia 920 has just lost 0.2% share from last month though being overtaken by Lumia 520. This shows that demand for Lumia 920 remains steady, but demand for Lumia 520 is much more stronger.

  • Lumia 620 has also kept its very strong momentum and now the 3rd most sold WP device  with 9.6% market share, which is impressive too!!
  • Nokia now holds 85.4% of overall WP8 devices share gaining 1.4% from last month. Domination!!

  • WP8 share is now shown at 61% growing from 53% last month. 
  • Lumia 521 and Lumia 928 have nearly doubled their market share from 2.4 and 2% last month to 5% and 3.9% in US. It confirms steady good demand for these devices. Verizon has increased its lead over AT&T with 43% of US market share while AT&T has lost 3% share. 



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