A new Nokia smartphone with Mediatek processor has appeared in the Bluetooth certification. The smartphones in question has hardware version 99652_1_11.

This hardware version is similar to the hardware version of Nokia 2.4, 99651_1_10. So, probably we are looking at Nokia 1.4 or the Nokia 2.5, Nokia 2.4 successor.

The listing is very recent and has design model number as T99652AA1. In comparison Nokia 2.4 has design model number as T99651AA1. So, a relationship between these two smartphones sounds logical.

The Nokia 2.4 Bluetooth entry was done on 13-08-2020 and the smartphone was officially launched on November 26. So probably we will have similar timelines for Nokia 2.5 if this listing belongs to that. We may see Nokia 2.5 launch in April-May 2021. It will support Bluetooth 5.0 specifications.

Coming to Nokia 1.4 which is slated to be launched in February 2021, we may see a Snapdragon processor powering it. Nokia 1.4 will feature a better camera, bigger battery and display and even more RAM/storage options as compared to Nokia 1.3.

It will also feature a Fingerprint sensor. You can read our complete Nokia 1.4 coverage by clicking here. You can read leaked Nokia 1.4 specifications and other details at its dedicated page.