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A new concept shows refined version of Windows 10 Mobile

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Microsoft is very close to begin the roll out of Windows 10 Mobile update for older Lumia devices running on Windows Phone 8.1. With Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has improved the overall experience of Windows Phone 8.1 and introduced some new features like continuum, Universal app and much more. You can read in detail all the changes that Windows 10 Mobile brings by clicking here.

The Redmond giant has already started working on Windows Redstone for both desktop and Mobile. For those who don’t know Windows Redstone, is the next major update for Windows 10 Devices and it will bring bunch of new features and improvements. Microsoft is soon expected to launch new Windows 10 Mobile builds from RS1 branch with no major changes as Windows Redstone is still in early phase of development.

Development of Windows 10 Mobile is nearly finished and Microsoft is expected to introduce some of the most anticipated features to the OS. Recently, Gabe Aul of head of Windows Insiders programme confirmed that Insiders has sent ”many millions” of feedbacks and the company is using those feedbacks to improve the operating system. As of now Windows 10 Mobile still lacks several features compared to rival operating system. However, everyday we see several concepts of Windows 10 Mobile emerges into the internet.

Now a new concept of Windows 10 Mobile has been published by Robson. The new concept doesn’t contain any major changes, but it refines the OS by fixing some awkwardness of Windows 10 Mobile. You can check some of the conceptual  images below:


Keeping in mind it’s just a concept, so Microsoft may not bring these changes for our Windows 10 Mobile devices. However, what do you think about this concept ? What features do you expect it arrive on Windows 10 Mobile updates, let us know in comments section below:

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  • I’d like the action center to not have four rows of quick action buttons on expanding. That’s just wrong! Why would I have VPN showing all the time on my purely personal phone?

    • ProPolice

      You can set up a 3 row action centre, if you lower the screen magnifying to the lowest setting it the one just above, and you have at least a 720p display. It doesn’t send the VPN away, but turns the thing into 5X3 settings

      • Good to know. Unfortunately, I have an ancient phone 😀

        • ProPolice

          Then the 550 or 650 might be a good option

  • This is pretty old. Its been around for a long time. I don’t agree with the coloured battery indicators though. I like the monochrome bar a lot.

    I don’t think we’d need widgets in the action center if we get interactive tiles. And that’s the way to go about things don’t you think?

    • Álvaro Martínez

      Widgets in the action center would be really useful. As opposed to live tiles, you wouldn’t need to unlock your phone to interact with them 🙂

      • That is a very valid point. But would you really want a Weather Widget on your action center? Playing and Pausing Music is already in the Volume Control. So what else would you need?

  • Julio Canizales

    It looks nice but i’d like MS give us the ability to set the accent color to the action center with translucency like on pc with a slider bar, obviously as optional.

  • John F.

    Made in Brazil

  • Azz_Abdr

    What bug they say about removes dark background?

    • Dandun Widiyanto

      When you’re in apps list screen, open and then close an application. The background that is normally darkened (if you use dark theme), will be bright as it on the home screen.

    • Jayanth Cj

      when u close an app background wallpaper brightens. that should not be the case!

    • To be precise, the dark overlay disappears if you return to the all apps list after closing ann app, or choose it from the task manager.

  • Roger

    Allready twittered to Gabe ?

  • CyberAngel

    Best so far…needs even more ideas!

  • misterstu

    Excellent ideas.

  • that_guy

    The Action center really needs the update shown here.