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A “Ludicrous speed ring” for risk-loving “Windows Insiders” under consideration



Ring2Gabriel Aul, from Microsoft has posted about why’s and how’s of Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Phones preview Build release decisions. While he emphatically argues about how not setting a date for a release Build is the best option that has worked for them for getting a relatively stable preview build out to Windows Insiders, what caught our eye was something called “Ludicrous speed ring” apparently getting discussed.

So, it seems, after getting flooded with daily request of a new build by Insiders, Microsoft has been forced into considering a new ring of Insiders, that will receive builds faster than existing “Fast” and “Slow” rings. It may also mean lots of bugs and issues with the builds that don’t pass through all the levels of testing before reaching the existing rings. So, as they says “no risk no gain”, for more risk-takers out there, it may be what the doctor just ordered.

The short answer on this is really that we’ve probably been too conservative about pushing builds to the Fast ring for Windows Insiders.

We’re having lots of discussions right now about how we should tune for this going forward, and have already made some changes in how we’re working. The reality is that faster builds to you will include more bugs, and so far we’ve erred on the side of stability. In the process though we’ve not had as much distinction between Fast and Slow. In our internal rings, our Canary ring probably sees 2X-3X as many builds as OSG because we catch problems in Canary and don’t push to OSG.

We also have some cool things yet to come. We’re debating right now about whether we should simply adjust the speed/risk balance of the Fast ring or whether we should create a new ring for people who really want the fastest pace possible (I had serious conversations last week with my team about a “Ludicrous Speed” ring, no joke.) As we make decisions on this we’ll communicate out to you so you know what to expect.

Do let us know whether you would like to join such “Ludicrous speed ring”, given an option??


Now you can vote for “Ludicrous speed ring” to be created at Windows User-voice by clicking here.


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